Projet Cyrano

Mom, you speak my language !

Symine Salimpour – Renaud David – Pierre Lévy-Soussan – Jéremy Topin – Bruno Hervé – Jérôme Golebiowski 

Based on olfactory stimulation, the “Mom, you speak my language” method facilitates the process of reciprocal adoption of a child to its future parents and creates a secure, strong and lasting filial bond.


The conditions of abandonment and neglect of children are often unclear, leaving prospective adoptive parents in the dark about the past.
On the other hand, the child keeps olfactory traces of its early environment. From the third month of pregnancy, the baby is connected to its world in utero thanks to the odorous substances carried by the amniotic fluid. The birth mother’s diet gives the baby its first olfactory experiences which influence its preferences after birth. The baby’s sensitivity to odours increases in the days following birth. They are able to recognise smells associated with their prenatal environment as well as those related to their
geographical and cultural environment. By the age of 3, the child is able to express olfactory and sensory preferences.

Considering the early impact of olfactory phenomena in human development, the ” Mom, you speak my language ” method hypothesises that the overall process of adoption of a child by a family living in a different cultural environment is facilitated by
an approach that includes consideration of their respective olfactory environments. In this context, the development of a method using olfactory stimulation could be a facilitator of the transitional phases linked to the process of adoption of one by the other.

The ” Mom, you speak my language ” method allows children and their adoptive parents to create a transitional ” game ” around the olfactory spaces of each of them, allowing for a better familiarisation, an easier integration of the past, allowing for the construction of a more solid common future, of shared pleasures as early as possible in
their lives. This can also take shape during olfaction sessions and the creation of a perfume with their parents.