Projet Cyrano

Giving meaning and strength to the promise of equality

The 1000 days report was initiated by the Ministry of Solidarity and Health under the impetus of the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron to give meaning and strength to the promise of equality, the basis of the Republican Pact in September 2019.

The work of a commission of health professionals, early childhood and scientists has highlighted the origin of inequalities that are tied up even before the birth of the child and the importance of this period is essential for any individual.

Indeed, this is a sensitive period for the development and security of the child, which contains the premises of health and well-being of the individual throughout life. The delineation of this period may be slightly different in different contexts. In this report, the “first 1,000 days” will be understood as extending from the 4th month of pregnancy to the child’s second birthday. Sometimes, where issues warrant, the term will be used to cover a broader period extending from the preconception period to age 3 (Ref: Report of the 1000 Days Commission).

This is also true for adopted children whose history is often unknown.

The traumas resulting from this 1000 days period are even more difficult to evaluate and to heal when they are adopted abroad. This situation further complicates their integration in France and in their host family and can generate inequalities in their destiny.

In order to compensate for this lack of information, which is essential to the construction of their identity, which guarantees equal opportunities and good physical, mental and social health, and to ensure that becoming French is a matter of course for children adopted abroad, we offer training in the “Mama, you speak my language” method, which intervenes in the cognitive, affective and socio-emotional development of the child, as proposed by the report of the Commission of the first 1000 days.

Our support offer is part of a policy that puts the child at the center of the adoption process and is part of a policy of prevention and support for adoptive families.

The recent LAW n° 2022-219 of February 21, 2022 aiming at reforming adoption modifies art 225 -3 in this sense by making preparations for adoption candidates mandatory: )

Article 10: 2° The second paragraph of article L. 225-3 is thus written:

“They shall undergo a preparation, organized by the president of the departmental council or, in Corsica, by the president of the executive council, dealing in particular with the psychological, educational, medical, legal and cultural dimensions of adoption, taking into account the reality of national and international adoption, as well as with the specificities of adoptive parenthood.”