Projet Cyrano

Olfactory Training

An olfactory preparation to immerse oneself in the perinatal environment as well as in the local food customs of the child’s birthplace is an enlightening element in the preparation and realisation of the adoption project. It allows the child to rely on a biological space to solidify the acclimatisation of the psychic link and the better familiarisation of the strangeness of each world. This concrete immersion in the olfactory world of each of the protagonists allows them to project themselves more easily into their common family life through this psychic sharing of body envelopes.

The ” Mom, you speak my language ” method is an original way of integrating a child’s past into his or her body in order to build a future.
The lectures are given by scientists, child psychiatrists, psychiatrists, psychologists, aromatherapists, ethnobotanists, as well as anthropologists and institutions specialised in adoption.