Projet Cyrano

Method "Mom, you speak my language!"

To facilitate the meeting and acclimatization of children adopted from abroad in their home and host country through olfactory means

Context: Our expertise in the olfactory, scientific and medical fields led us to imagine the “Mommy, you speak my language!” method, which uses olfactory knowledge of the children’s country of origin as well as that of the adoption candidates as a unique meeting place to create a strong and lasting bond within the families. The training project “Mommy, you speak my language! “was born out of the desire to facilitate the acclimatization of children adopted from abroad in their families and in their host countries.

Operational objectives:

– To find their way around the Laws n° 2022-140 of February 7, 2022 relating to the protection of children, The LAW n° 2022-219 of February 21, 2022 which reforms adoption and modifies art 225 -3 as well as the first 1000 days report.
– Understand the olfactory system and its impact on emotions and the attachment process
– Explore the history and biodiversity of the countries of origin of adopted children through the olfactory prism
– Meet the essential raw materials of the adopted children’s countries of origin
– Explore the same raw materials through the ages in France
– Initiate the creation of a perfume with the raw materials studied
– Accompanying adoptive families to put the child at the center of the adoption process and to make a family.

Course of the olfactory preparation in order to accompany the candidates before the adoption

MODULE 1: Adoption at the administrative and legal level
MODULE 2: Attachment in the adoption process in child psychiatry
MODULE 3: The olfactory system and its impact on emotions in cognitive sciences
MODULE 4: Raw materials and essential odorants from the country of origin of adopted children in ethnobotany
MODULE 5: Raw materials specific to the country of origin of adopted children in French culture through the ages
MODULE 6 : Introduction to the creation of a perfume
MODULE 7: Round table discussion with the speakers and the participants of the training

21 hours
7 Modules of 3 hours

Teaching methods :

– Face-to-face
– Distance learning

A questionnaire to evaluate the satisfaction of the training is filled out by the learner at the end of the training action.
A certificate of attendance and attendance completes the system and is sent to the sponsor of the training.


– Validation of knowledge
– Certificate of training

For any question concerning the countries concerned and the financing of the training
contact :