Projet Cyrano

SYMINE SALIMPOUR graduated from the Paris Bar School in 2003. She is an author, perfume editor, and jewelry designer. Since 2005, she has been leading the artistic creation of the fine perfumery brand Hors Là Monde, specializing in olfaction aimed at rebuilding self-esteem and creating a strong and lasting bond with others.

She is the originator of the Transitional Perfume method of the double I “Mom, you speak my language!” intended to facilitate the acclimatization of children adopted abroad to their families and their new lands, as well as to support adoption candidates through olfactory means.

When she decided to expatriate to the Middle East, she represented a major Brazilian jeweler in a luxury hotel. The direct and daily contacts she made strengthened her artistic inclination.

Armed with this experience, she continued her initiatory journey to the United States and settled in New York, where she created her own brand of jewelry and original fragrances under the name “Hors Là Monde” ( “A perfume,” says Symine, “is exactly like Proust’s madeleine. It has the power to keep and delve into memories and to create the most intense emotions. Perfume soothes. It breaks down all resistance, breaks walls. It is a bridge, a subtle means of meeting the Other. Like music, it softens manners, seeps into the deepest parts of the soul. Perhaps it could be used in politics or diplomatic relations. A perfume is both natural and cultural, and that’s probably why I became interested in it very early on.”

In 2007, Symine Salimpour met Michel Roudnitska and convinced him to create SHILOH, the first perfume of the Hors Là Monde brand, for her. SHILOH was unanimously recognized by the international specialized press as a true masterpiece and was marketed in about fifteen countries. The same year, she crossed paths with Annette Green, the high priestess of perfumery, who inspired her. This meeting was decisive. She became her role model. The magic happened again in 2008 with the famous Perfumer Artist Fabrice Olivieri. He created LADY SHILOH for Hors Là Monde, which was released in 2009, and SHILOH X in 2011, both of which enjoyed the same international success as SHILOH.

In 2016, Symine Salimpour created Master Parfumeur Consulting, the consulting branch of Hors Là Monde ( She developed new and innovative concepts in perfumery with the collaboration of perfumer Bruno Hervé and advised international companies in the beauty industry on marketing and communication. Her interest in raw materials in perfumery prevailed. Anthropological questions related to their cultivation, as well as working conditions and the world of farmers, led her to the essence of perfumery: well-being. She followed Patty Canac’s training in Aromachology and continued her Aromachology training at the French Federation of Aromatherapy. She successively obtained certificates as a practitioner in Aromachology and traditional Aromatherapy from the French Federation of Aromatherapy in 2020 before training in Olfactory Design at the Cinquième Sens training center.

In the same year, Symine Salimpour and the renowed Perfumer, Professor at ISIPCA, and lecturer at the Osmothèque Bruno Hervé met psychiatrist Renaud David, specializing in the powers of odors, who confirmed the avant-garde opportunity of the Transitional Perfume method to support the adoption processes. This meeting, followed by those of researchers and teachers at the Faculty of Sciences of the Côte d’Azur, Jérémie Topin and Jérôme Golebiowski, Brigitte Godde, who heads the authorized adoption organization Enfance Avenir, child psychiatrist Pierre Levy-Soussan, and the famous ethnobotanist Olivier Behra, gave birth to the CYRANO PROJECT (, which places the interests and well-being of adopted children at the center of the adoption process through olfactory means.

The pogrom of October 7, 2023, shook Israeli society and the international community. The project A COFFEE AND A PERFUME was born from the desire to bring the world of light and freedom to life. This unprecedented and innovative method, based on the power of essential oils, the knowledge of the participants’ origins, and high perfumery, is intended to soothe war victims and help them regain their self-esteem.