Projet Cyrano


“An active composition is like a musical score; to create a beautiful perfume, you must love each note,” says Bruno Hervé.

During recess, while his classmates play ball in the courtyard, Bruno Hervé, sitting on a bench, writes in a notebook what he smelled with his father on the way home from school the previous day. His father is a perfumer. He creates perfumes for major houses and instills in Bruno a passion for raw materials and the art of perfumery from a young age.

He spends his Wednesdays in the laboratory, observing his father at work and decoding his formulas. His father encourages him to become aware of his own olfactory universe and to learn how to reproduce it.

After completing his chemistry studies, Bruno decides to travel to discover the olfactory universe and the unique aromas of each country he visits. In India, he immerses himself in the scent of woods and the soul of sandalwood, which carries the essence of life within it. This realization leads him to work towards more ethical perfumery.

Upon his return, he joins the family business and hones his skills by creating fragrances for laundry detergents, soaps, and body creams intended for international markets before discovering the secrets of fine perfumery. A few years later, he co-founds A2PH, his own composition house, with Olivier Pacotte. There, he creates and produces perfumes and aromas. He also introduces his children to perfumery. Praised by niche brands, his modern and avant-garde writing style was honored with the Fifi Awards 2019 in Russia for the duo of perfumes “Just” & “Married” by Franck Boclet, for which he is the Nose, and for Vynil, also by the same perfumer, in 2020.

An apnea diver who has participated in national competitions and a guitarist since childhood, Bruno Hervé develops a strong team spirit and demonstrates talent in discipline, finesse, and kindness. These core values earned him a place at the Osmothèque, the famous perfume conservatory. As an administrator and treasurer of the institution, Bruno Hervé gives lectures there. He also teaches the secrets of perfume creation to future perfumers at the prestigious ISIPCA perfumery school to share his passion for perfumery.

In 2022, he co-wrote the Projet Cyrano with Symine Salimpour and Dr. Renaud David, within which they developed the method “Mom, you speak my language !” intended to facilitate the acclimatization of children adopted abroad into their families and new lands, as well as to support adoption candidates through olfactory means. In 2023, the Projet Cyrano gave birth to the method A COFFEE AND A PERFUME, designed to soothe war-traumatized victims and help them regain self-esteem